A life in the day...

of a mental case,patient,friend, farm girl....

I randomly change my LJ name to suit my mood du jour. It is still me. Just a different facet.

I'm over 50 and I am I told that I do not look my age.

I have *lots* of interests

I am Tattooed. Very.

I was told by my ex's that I was a terrible wife and mother.

Loved by some. Forgotten by most.

I don't use LJ cuts -like many of my dear friends. For the same reason that they do not.

This is my journal . To write my thoughts. If that bothers you.... un-friend me. It's okay. Such is life.

I don't post very often because it takes me so long to write things out. If you care about me or worry... send me an e-mail. More than likely I am still alive. No one really wants to know about the life and times of someone with physical and mental problems.

I would like to be invisible.

I love things that others seem to take for granted. Old buildings, cemeteries, sanity….
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