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Year I disappear

Calling hours

Things that touched my heart,
This is my Aunt ! And I have son! And he is Just like ME! ( as he introduced me to his bride )

Aunt Joan:
You WILL be at church tomorrow? ( she asked me this a few times in a row, very firmly. ) I told her yes. I know my duty. This is Yia Yia, this is my Godmother. There is no question of my being there. She seemed happy about it. Something about tough older greek woman, I love them.

Cousin Julie:
As we were hugging each other so tight. "Ah we are the persona non gratis we two" Which we are. We don't really fit in there, but we love this family so much to not be there would be such a betrayal to our hearts it would be a sin of blood.


*smiles* Good to see you here.